I have always believed in the importance of maintaining healthy skin. Even as a teenage model I knew that maintaining my youthful appearance would require consistent management of my skin's health. I started a daily skin regimen by the time I was 16. As a teenager in the 1970's, sunscreen was not yet in vogue. Growing up along the gulf coast presented a real challenge. But even then I was conscious of the damaging effects of the sun. By the time I was 20 I was already using the services of an aesthetician.

" By the time I was 20 I was already using the services of an aesthetician"

With my modeling days behind me, I settled into a career as a dental assistant. It didn't pay much and I really had to  rely on my personal skin regimen as I could only afford to see my Aesthetician once every three months. But it was important to me so I saved to make those appointments. Over the years my Aesthetician became my mentor, and in the back of my mind a small voice was whispering to me about my own understanding of what it means to have and maintain healthy skin. After several years that whisper turned into a shout. I've had my own Aesthetics practice for over a decade now and have discovered my true passion. Aesthetic science is rapidly evolving. Functionally integrated skin care recognizes that skin irregularities are signs of disease processes occurring within the body. I'm fascinated by these connections and am privileged to practice on the forefront of modern Aesthetics. I feel my clients depend on my commitment to constantly learn more, as their health, to some extent, depends on it.

                                                 Pamela Cato L.E.

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